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Streamer Station is a leading marketing and design agency that specializes in helping streamers and content creators grow their online presence. We are proud to have worked with Pokimane, one of the most popular streamers in the world, to develop a comprehensive sponsorship strategy for her Discord servers.

Marketing Challenges

When Pokimane first approached us, she was looking for ways to monetize her channels and make a sustainable income from her streaming career. She had a large and dedicated fanbase, but she wasn’t sure how to tap into that audience to generate revenue. 

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of Pokimane’s audience demographics and interests. We looked at her most popular content, her social media engagement, and her past sponsorships. This helped us to understand what her audience was looking for and what type of brands and products would be a good fit for her channels. 

Next, we worked with Pokimane to create a comprehensive sponsorship strategy that would help her to monetize her channels and generate revenue. We focused on building relationships with brands and sponsors that aligned with her values and interests, and we helped her to negotiate favorable terms and compensation packages. 

We also helped Pokimane to create a consistent and cohesive brand identity across her channels. We worked with her to create a custom Discord server design that matched her branding and that would help her to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We also helped her to optimize her server for search engines and to increase its discoverability.

Client Name


Release Date

August 21, 2020

Project Types

Marketing Challenges

The results of our efforts were truly outstanding. Pokimane's sponsorship deals increased significantly, and her discord server engagement and viewership also surged. Her community also had a sense of belonging and trust with the brand, which in turn helped her to retain her audience.

Overall, our partnership with Pokimane was a huge success. We were thrilled to help her to monetize her channels and to take her streaming career to the next level. We believe that this case study demonstrates the value of a comprehensive sponsorship strategy and effective marketing and design services for any new streamer looking to grow their online presence.

  • Streaming Station conjured a monetization marvel for Pokimane, propelling her Discord server to the pinnacle of sponsorship success.
  • Pokimane's partnership portfolio prospered under the acumen of Streaming Station, boosting revenue and community engagement.
  • Streaming Station's shrewd strategy for sponsorship secured Pokimane a steady stream of income and amplified her visibility in the industry.
  • Pokimane's Discord server soared to new heights of financial success, thanks to Streaming Station's masterful monetization plan.
  • Streaming Station devised a comprehensive sponsorship strategy that propelled Pokimane's server to new levels of financial stability and growth.


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